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Educational Stimulus t

What educational stimulus and activities does
Old MacDonald’s Farm offer?

Our stimulus covers the areas of EYFS, key stages 1 & 2.
Our options cover Geography, History and Science with options for Mathematics and English Language.

Farm Animals

Discover and learn about a wide range of interesting animals bred for commercial use, plus unusual and exotic animals from around the world.

Petting Animals

Get close so the children can touch and feed their farmyard friends.

Hatchery & Poultry Rearing Room

Discover how we rear the young animals.

Animated Educational Shows

Light hearted animated entertainment covering topics including life on the farm, the life of amphibians and also the importance of recycling.

Educational Support

We can provide educational fact sheets for you to use. Our options cover Key Stages 1 & 2 with quizzes, puzzles, games and interesting facts about the animals and life on the farm. We also offer detailed lesson plans for your use should you so choose. To obtain our educational support information please email us here with your details.

Inside Information

We have an Educational Officer on site who can help you and give you information about life on the farm as well as on our services and options.


  • Teaching and study areas
  • Cafeteria
  • Picnic sites
  • First aid
  • Trained medical staff
  • Wash facilities
  • Toilets able bodied and disabled
  • Disabled access throughout farm
  • Lost child meeting point
  • All weather surfaces

Safety Rules

At Old MacDonald’s Farm your safety is very important to us. To ensure you enjoy your day out we have information signs around the farm for you to follow, but here are some of the most important rules we ask you to follow.

Wash your hands after contact with animals

It is important to wash your hands especially before eating any food. We have a large communal sink available to use and we also have 2 buildings with fully equipped toilets available.

Cuts and Grazes

If you have any open wounds cuts or grazes it is important to keep them covered up to prevent infection.
Pregnant Women should avoid contact with sheep or lambs.

DO NOT eat animal food

The animal food on sale in our gift shop is for animal consumption only.

Traffic Light Safety System

We have a health and safety guidance system throughout the farm displayed on paddocks and pens that informs parents or carers which animals are safe to touch.

Risk Assessment

We are fully risk assessed. To obtain risk assessment information please email us here.

Free Pre Visit

If you would like to come down and visit the farm to see for yourself the facilities we offer and discuss this with our staff and to make your own assessment, please email us here.

Book and Pay Online

You can book and pay online for your school visit. To book online please click here.