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The Rats is innocent – OK


Old Macdonald is feeling a little smug today (well actually he does every day) because back in August 2011 he published this little post arguing the innocence of rats who have been blamed for centuries for the Great Plague and Black Death. Now today, in February 2015, scientists think that is was not rats but those lovely cuddly Gerbils that you can buy in the pet shop!


However if you have a Gerbil, do not panic, because the actual fleas that carried the disease are long dead so little Giggles the Gerbil is perfectly safe, but Old Macdonald says come on now, apologise to Roland Rat and his pals! Now read on and see what we said almost 4 years ago! No need to watch the TV news, just look at our website!





After hundreds of years of blame it has now been established that the Great Plague and Black Death that spread through Britain in the 14th and 17th Centuries were not spread by rats, as has been claimed for ever and a day, but by people instead! Old Macdonald learned at school, when he turned up, that the disease was carried by fleas on the backs of rats, but now scientists say it wasn’t but was instead spread by people!

So we all owe a big apology to the rats, who may well put in a group claim for compensation for libel, slander and just plain nastiness, but have to say that rats are not clean animals and must be controlled, but they are not mass murderers.

However what it does prove is how important it is for all of us to stay safe and clean all through our lives, handwashing is not just important for children at the farm but all the time, and how we should take care when we have colds or flu not to give them to others! People spread diseases to other people, not animals to people! You know it makes sense.

It also proves that whilst everyone would be correct, once they have touched an animal, to take proper hygiene treatment and clean their hands thoroughly no animal is toxic and radio active and we must not get a phobia about them…not even the rats!

So sorry for the blame rats, no hard feelings eh, but do not think you will be joining our cuddly collection of creatures for quite a while yet!

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