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Crisis looms for European Vultures



Old Macdonald’s Farm ask all of you reading this website to help us, and our colleagues in other Zoos, to protect the important European Vulture. Vultures are an important part of the eco system and have a vital role in keeping areas clean. They are part of the world around us.

We would like to draw your attention to the recent news that Diclofenac (the same anti-inflammatory drug that has wiped out vulture populations in India, Pakistan and Nepal) has been authorised for use on domestic animals in Italy and in Spain, home to 80% of European vultures, and is now becoming widely available on the EU market.  This not only poses a serious risk of a mass die off of endangered and ecologically valuable European wildlife, but is a terrible message to be sending to those countries who have made such huge advocacy efforts to ban it in recent years.


We would therefore strongly encourage you to consider signing the following petition:

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