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Environment hits the headlines

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Regular readers of this website¸ should there actually be any such people out there, will be aware that Old Macdonald’s main passion is the environment and conservation. Well, that is two passions so Old Macdonald’s main passions are the environment and conservation as well as giving you his visitors a great day out. So that is three, plus of course his money which would probably be top of the list if I was to be honest, so let us start again. Amongst Old Macdonald’s main passions are the environment and conservation, and this February both have been hitting the headlines.

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The extreme weather from which all of us are suffering to one level or another is considered by those who really understand these things to be a forewarning of the impact of climate change, and of course humankind has contributed to the forces that lead to this. Carbon Dioxide emissions continue to rise, the rainforests that used to soak up CO2 are disappearing, and the Ozone level is decreasing year on year. A united and world wide effort to act sustainably, and stop using irreplaceable resources, is needed and loss of animal habitat is not something for other countries but also has an impact in Britain too.


Why is the loss of species important to us all? Because any change in the balance of nature will come back and smack us on the nose! Everything is linked and therefore everyone, including visitors to Old Macdonald’s Farm, should act responsibly and cut down energy use and recycle what you can. Our only hope is the children and that they will rescue the world from the mess all of us, including Old Mac, have made for years.


The second key issue was the important London Conference on the Illegal Wild Life Trade on February 13th and 14th. Representatives from 60 countries came and signed up to a hard hitting declaration to stop the illegal trade in Ivory, Rhino horn and tiger parts (can you believe that people buy and consume bits of tigers in the 21st century?)

 Again, this is not just something for other people in different countries to deal with. Everyone should be involved in campaigning to stop this illegal and immoral trade. British companies are still assisting in this trade and Rhino horns have been stolen from British museums to sell overseas. Do not buy animal based products and look at those countries that still deal in them and ask should you buy their goods?


This is not SEP (someone else’s problem) it is yours too. Deal with it, and then future generations will have a world in which they can live in safety, tranquillity, and alongside these marvellous creatures who deserve a natural life too.