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Monday, September 16th, 2013

 Farm Sept 12 036

 A new school year, a new curriculum and new opportunities here at Old Macdonald’s Farm for children and teachers as we focus on conservation, the environment and sustainability.


Sounds tedious, well not when your education staff consist of three singing bullfrogs, Old Macdonald, a handful of singing chickens and of course your farmyard friends and more exotic animals. We recognise that it is vital to work together to protect rainforests and habitats all around the world and equally important to look at our own country and protect the wildlife we have, so Old Mac is creating his own conservation and wildflower area to enable local wildlife to flourish and is encouraging visitors to do the same at home. (Actually the cynical amongst us, that is me, think he just can’t be bothered to cut the grass but who knows?)

 ray 005

But if climate change is to be averted with all the damage that can do, and if young people are going to avoid being as wasteful of the environment as we older folks have been then it is in places like Old Macdonald’s Farm that they will be enthused, so all you schools should come here and listen to the singing chickens, look at our educational signs and learn about the world and the issues we face. Plus you will have a great day out too!