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CITES exciting

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Old Macdonald is fascinated by the CITES (Convention on Internation Trade in Endangered Species) taking place in Bangkok for the next two weeks. Over 170 countries getting together to try and find ways to ensure that the world’s wildlife can be protected and saved, and is particularly pleased to hear that Thailand may now ban the sale of ivory, which up to now has been legal in that country.

He will keep you up to date with news and views at the conference unfolds, as he is not in Bangkok but in Brentwood, but knows that your work on this is just as important too.

He might not have Rhinos at his farm in Brentwood, but many of our animals here are threatened in the wild and we love to hear from our young visitors, and not so young, their views and the many ways they are working to make sure that the world is safe for future generations.