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Welcome to our new friend Gladys


Old Macdonald’s Farm is thrilled to welcome a new addition, Gladys the African Sulcata tortoise. Gladys’ owner is no longer able to look after her and has given her to us here at Old Macdonald’s Farm so she can live with her new friends in our tortoise enclosure.

Gladys is over 40 years old and looks much better than Old Macdonald, who is even older than that himself, and weighs close on 5 stone. African Sulcatas are the third largest tortoises in the world and the largest to live on the  mainland and not islands. They originated from the Saharan area of north Africa and are considered to be vulnerable and at risk in the wild. In the wild they are thought to live up to well over 100 years.

Old Macdonald hopes to build a new home for his tortoises next year, but meanwhile do come and visit Gladys, who will be glad to see you. (Ooh, awful pun)

2 Responses to “Welcome to our new friend Gladys”

  1. Jenni Cast says:

    I would just like to say that these tortoises should not be kept together. The huge size difference can be very damaging to the smaller tortoises. Also different species of tortoise should never be mixed. In this picture I can see sulcatas, a horsfeild and what looks like a hermanns or a spur thigh. Thats at least 3 different species of tortoise. Please take a look at the link im about to post so you can read yourself why they should not be mixed:
    Sulcatas require a different diet to the others having a mixture of grasses and weeds, whereas the others feed on wild flowers and weeds. The substrate they are kept on is also unacceptable. Sand can be very irritating to their eyes and can cause impaction resulting in ilness or death if eaten.
    As a zoo farm you should be educating and setting an example to your visitors and children who could be future keepers of these kinds of animals. it is your responsibility to do your research extensively into the care of these creatures. I ask you to please look into this tortoise set up and make the necessary changes, separate the species and provide care needed for each individual species. Thank you

  2. omd-editor says:

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to get in touch. As you will have seen from our original article on the website all the tortoises here were given to us by people who could no longer keep them, resulting in the temporary arrangement in which they at present find themselves. We are designing a new enclosure for tortoises in which the different species will be placed. However the option for these tortoises if we had not taken them in was far worse and we try to take great care of them, but we welcome input from people who have a genuine interest in, and knowledge of, the creatures we have here as it does assist us in looking after them. The link was most helpful and do come in and talk to us more about this as informed advice is invaluable.

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