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Old Macdonald is dotty


May 5th is international Climate Impacts Day and all over the world people are getting together to think about all the issues that link us all and the reasons we should take action to prevent human beings contributing to climate change.

In places from drought-stricken Mongolia to flood-stricken Thailand, from fire-ravaged Australia to Himalayan communities threatened by glacial melt, there will be rallies reminding everyone what has happened in their neighborhoods. And at each of those rallies, from Kenya to Canada, from Vietnam to Vermont, someone will be holding a…dot. A huge black dot on a white banner, a “dot” of people holding hands, encircling a field where crops have dried up, a dot made of fabric and the picture taken from above — you get the idea.

That is why Old Macdonald is here with his cartoon friends, holding up his own dot, so that his farm in Brentwood is part of this great international circle of like minded people co operating to help save the planet. And we hope this will encourage you to think about these issues too, and make sure that Old Macdonald going dotty is not in vain. Just in Brentwood.

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