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Stride the corridors of flower

All of you who have visited our Educational Farm Park, and both of you who read this website, will be aware of the importance that Old Macdonald places on conservation and on bio diversity (the circle of life if you prefer). You will also be aware, because you are clearly interested in these matters, the importance in conservation of corridors for wildlife as well as nature reserves. So Old Mac, having nothing better to do and having counted all his cash last night, read the Government’s major report on these things and wanted to share it with you.

Take for instance the Tiger. Not only do Tigers need reserves in which to live and be protected but above all they need to be able to roam, looking for new lady tigers perhaps, and if they just rely on one reserve with no means to travel they will be unhappy and the breed will not continue. Now in India, Nepal and other countries they are creating protected corridors between reserves in which these magnificent animals can travel to fulfill their natural lifestyle.

Now you may think this is just “over there” a long way away, but nature corridors are just as important in this country to maintain the wide and diverse wildlife living here, and your garden should be a very important part of that! Bees, insects, spiders and other small creatures need to be able to travel around from place to place to maintain their lifestyles and to allow wild birds to hunt them and also to spread seeds around to keep up the balance of nature. So it is not just somewhere else, it is here and in your own home!

What you can do to help is to make sure that when you are planting your garden, window box or flower pots, you use native British plants, and also look to sow wildflower seeds, bee friendly seeds are ideal, and also to allow some areas of grass to grow wild as when you look at long grass you do not want to think of scruffy gardens but recognise that within these areas bugs, worms and other creepies find their home and they are just as important to the balance of nature as anything else.

So we do not want you to open your garden gate on the off-chance that a tiger might be strolling past on a night on the tiles, but do look to be nature friendly in your gardening. Cut out insecticides, use natural methods to control pests, and be friendly to bees!

That is Old Macdonald for you, helping save the world all the time, now you can help him.

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