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Proud to help our good friend Madison

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Regular readers of our two websites, this site Farms for Schools and our main site, (if such a person exists, so maybe we should say the regular reader of our websites) will be aware of the inspiring story of young Madison and her family. Madison was diagnosed with leukemia in March 2008 much to the shock of her parents, Leanne and Gary. But instead of just sinking into an understandable depression over this they all bravely decided to assist Madison by encouraging her to enjoy life to the full and gaining excitement and confidence.

Part of that process came when they visited Old Macdonald’s Farm and our website “What’s New” story from October 2010 tells you a little more as to how Madison and younger sister Brooke enjoyed their visits to us and we now know that their father Gary was inspired to set up a charity to create a safe, sterile, soft play barn for children, the Playbarn Project.

We were delighted to read in the Sunday Express Magazine on 6th March 2011 how well Madison is progressing and the photo we show is from that feature, (which explains the fold line down the middle)  but we were even more delighted to welcome Madison to the farm on Sunday 20th March. We played a very small part in her recovery and hope that other children who are not so well can come and enjoy the Old Macdonald’s Farm Education and Leisure experience and this will assist their recovery. That is why we are proud to support Starlight, as featured again on our website stories, and why a visit to Old Macdonald’s Farm is well worth while for schools, families and everyone!

If you want to read a full version of the Sunday Express article, written by Leanne in co operation with Ruby Millington, please email and we will be delighted to send a copy to you.