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Lending a hand to our little Lambs

Mary may have had a little lamb, but Old Macdonald already has 11, and staff at Old MacDonald’s Farm have been giving our new arrivals a helping hand.

One of the Ewes (female sheep) has been finding it quite difficult to feed her Lamb. Therefore our dedicated team of staff have stepped in to give some support and lend a hand by doing the daily rounds of feeding, using a bottle and a specialized milk formula. The bottle fed Lamb, now named ‘Kevin’ according to staff, is growing healthier and stronger by the day.

The total number of Lambs so far this year at the farm has already reached 11. Visitors to the farm have been very surprised at the number of early spring babies we have had. However, previous years at the farm have also seen early arrivals, despite the cold weather. Some other spring babies include Piglets and Kids (baby Goats). With more on the way!

Old Macdonald’s Farm is an ideal place for school groups to get close to animals, farm and exotic, and to learn about the cycle of life and our early lambs give a superb backdrop upon which teachers can focus.

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